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Are the QO single phase, Fixed Main Lug Load Centers(for example; the QO816L100__ and QO612L100__ ) UL listed for a service entrance applications?

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QO load centers

Service Entrance


Yes, these load centers(see below for catalog numbers) are UL listed as "Suitable for use as service equipment". PLEASE REFER TO THE LOAD CENTER WIRING DIAGRAMS
The load centers can be applied as service entrance equipment in two different ways;
1) As a multiple main service disconnect panel. When applied as a multiple main device, a maximum of six branch mounted main service disconnects can be used, to meet the NEC Six Service Disconnect Rule.
2) As a single main disconnect panel when equipped with a back fed main breaker.  When applied as a single main device, a PK2MB retaining kit is required for the single back fed main breaker.
Catalog numbers:
Indoor - QO2L30S, QO24L70F/S, QO612L100F/S, QO612L100DF/S, QO816L100F/S, QO816L100DF/S, QO612L100DF/SCU, QO816L100DF/SCU and QO148L125GF/S
Outdoor - QO24L60NRNM, QO2L40RB, QO24L70RB, QO612L100RB, QO612L100TRB, QO816L100RB, QO612L100RBCU, QO816L100RBCU and QO148L125GRB

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