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What is the terminal lug data for ALL of the 400amp Meter Mains and All-In-One CSED devices?

Product Main Lug Wire size

Product Line:   
Combination Service Entrance Device

Line Terminal Sizes

Installation of appropriate wire sizes for the Main lugs

Below is the terminal lug data information for ALL the current design 400amp CSED. There are a few exceptions so PLEASE note them.

1) The main service ground lug accepts a #4 AWG - 250 KCMIL conductor.
2) The main phase and neutral lugs are not provided with the 400amp CSED devices. These devices are supplied with line and neutral lug landing pads for use with field installed mechanical or compression type lugs(See below).
EXCEPTION: The  device Catalog numbers(QU816D400CK, QUM400CK, RU3040D400CK and RU3040D400FK) will ONLY accept the below Optional Compression type lugs due to the design of the Meter Sockets. They will NOT accept the mechanical lugs.

3) For the standard mechanical lugs, the lug kit CMELK4 can be used. This lug kit consists of four lugs, each lug capable of terminating (1) #2 AWG - 600 kcmil aluminum or copper conductor. Only three of the four lugs provided in the CMELK4 kit will be used. Below are Optional mechanical lugs that are listed on the devices wiring diagram
NOTE: NONE of the 400amp CSED units will NOT allow for Parallel Line Phase or Neutral Lugs.

Optional Mechanical Lugs:
1) ILSCO TA-600-2N [(1) #2 AWG - 600 kcmil aluminum or copper),
2) ILSCO TA-800-2N [(1) 300 - 800 kcmil aluminum or copper] 
3) Anderson L1D2-350 [(1) #6 AWG - 350 kcmil aluminum or copper]
4) Anderson L1D2-800 [(1) 300 - 800 kcmil aluminum or copper].

Optional Anderson Compression lugs:
1) Anderson = VHCL-600-12BN [ wire range (1) 250 - 600 kcmil copper] 
2) Anderson = VHCL-750-12BN [wire range (1) 500 - 750 kcmil copper]
Note: For Anderson Compression lugs, use VERSA-CRIMP  VC 6FT, VC 7FT or VC 8C Crimping Tools.

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