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Will the Altistart ATS46 unit store faults in its history?

If a fault occurs during the operation of the ALTISTART controller, a fault code is displayed on the keypad indicating the starter status.
The last five faults that have occurred are stored in controller memory. To view the fault memory buffer, use the PC or PLC option.

The PC Test software is only available with Beta Test agreement.
The PLC communication module (VW3G46301U) allows acces by Modbus and Uni-Telway.
You can access by ModBus with W4090 (from 1 to 4) for the fault number, the value is in W4069 and W4091 is used by the ATS to Recall the fault.
If you put a value of 1 in word 4090, the most recent fault will be reported in W4091. If you put a 2 in 4090, you will read the next oldest fault in 4091. 4090 is used as a pointer, and 4091 is used to display the value that is pointed to.

CTA-ID : 7476
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