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What Altivar 58 faults can be reset from the keypad?

The keypad reset button only functions to reset faults if the drive is in keypad command. (menu 4 CtL, LCC = YES)
The faults that are reset depends on the setting of Reset Type in the fault menu (Menu 6).
There are two possible settings; Partial and Total.

Faults reset by a partial reset (rSt = rSP) are:
OSF Input line overvoltage
ObF overbraking
OtF motor overheating
LFF loss of 4?20 mA
OLF motor overload
rnF ramp not followed
SOF overspeed
OPF motor phase loss
OHF drive overheating
SLF loss of RS-485 port communication
EPF external fault
CnF network communication fault

All faults except motor short circuit are reset by a total reset (rSt = rSG).

CTA-ID : 6786
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