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What are the ATV31 DIN Rail mounting kits?

There are 2 DIN rail mount kits to allow some of the smaller size Altivar 31 drives to be mounted to 35mm DIN rail.
Use VW3A11851 for ATV31H018M2, H037M2, H055M2, H075M2, H018M3X, H037M3X, H055M3X and H075M3X.
Use VW3A31852 for ATV31HU11M2, HU15M2, HU11M3X, HU15M3X, HU22M3X, H037N4, H055N4, H075N4, HU11N4, HU15N4, H075S6X and HU15S6X.
The larger drives cannot be DIN rail mounted.

Reviewed 8/2011

CTA-ID : 2026664
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