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What do the various suffixes or forms of a 9070 Type SK Transformer disconnect denote?

Factory modifications for 9070 Type SK Transformer Disconnects

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to 9070 Type SK Transformer Disconnects by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Applications frequently require special Factory Modifications on 9070 Type SK Transformer Disconnects


 The forms are all factory modifications which are not available as field installable options:  (There are limitations to what can be installed in a particular disconnect -- contact SquareD/Schneider Electric for assistance)
C -- 55?C rise Transformer
E23 -- electrostatically shielded Transformer
F11 -- additional 1-1/2`` x 13/32`` secondary fuse block
F30 -- replace 1-1/2`` x 13/32`` primary fuse holder with 5`` x 13/16`` primary fuse holder
F32 -- replace 5`` x 13/16``1-1/2`` x 13/32`` primary fuse holder with 1-1/2`` x 13/32`` primary fuse holder
G13 -- duplex receptacle, door mounted
G14 -- Class A, GFI, duplex receptacle, door mounted
G16 -- two duplex receptacles, door mounted
N3 -- convert NEMA 12 enclosure to NEMA 3R
P1 -- ``ON`` red warning pilot light
P2 -- ``ON`` red warning pilot light with strain relief


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