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Will the STOP key on the Altivar 58 keypad work even if the drive is not in keypad command mode?

Yes. The factory settings of the drive enable the stop key in all modes.
This can be changed in the control menu (Menu 4 CtL). See the keypad programming guide for additional information.

Disabling the stop key on the keypad display will prevent the drive controller from stopping when the stop key is pressed. An external stop command must be installed to stop the motor. Failure to follow this instruction can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

To change the PSt parameter to No:
1. Display no.
2. Press ENT.
3. The drive controller displays ?See manual?.
4. Press the up arrow key, then the down arrow key, then ENT, then ESC.
When this parameter is set to No, the stop key on the keypad display will be inactive. To return to Yes, display Yes then press enter.

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