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Can the Altivar 58 drive accept an encoder input?

Yes. There are two options.
1 - The ATV58 type FVC
For incremental optical encoder with RS422 compatible differential outputs
Impedance = 330 W maximum
Maximum 5000 pulses/revolution
Minimum 100 pulses/revolution
Maximum frequency: 200 kHz at high speed
2 - Standard ATV58 with the digital I-O extension card.
For incremental encoder (TTL, line driver, push-pull) or open collector type (NPN detector, three-wire inductive, or photoelectric sensor).
Nominal voltage: 24 Vdc (19.2 to 30 V).
Input impedance: 785 W ?10%.
Maximum signal frequency: 33 kHz with motor operating at drive controller high speed setting (HSP).
It is preferable to use a 24 V external supply for the incremental encoder.

CTA-ID : 6806
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