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Are SquareD/Schneider Electric dry type transformers plenum rated?

Certain specifications may call for Plenum Rated Transformers

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to all Low Voltage Transformer Products by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Nonexistence of a specific Plenum Rating for transformers

First, there are no plenum rated transformers. Here's why:
Section 300.22(B) of the NEC 2005 states that ``Equipment or devices shall be permitted in such ducts or plenum chambers only if necessary for their direct action upon or sensing of the contained air`` Obviously a transformer doesn`t fit that requirement since the transformer is not heating or moving or sensing the air.
But wait! There`s hope. Section 300.22.(C). covers ``Other spaces used for environmental air`` (such as ceilings). Sub Section (2) states that ``Electrical equipment with a metal enclosure....shall be permitted to be installed in such other space....`` Since our transformers have the metal enclosure they can me mounted in the Other space (but not the plenum)
The caveat to Section 300.22.(C).(2) is Section 450.13 (A) which states ``Dry-type transformers 600 volts nominal or less and not exceeding 50 kVA shall be permitted in hollow spaces of buildings ...provided they meet the ventilation requirements of 450.9 and separation from combustible materials requirements of 450.21(A)``


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