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What can be used to provide serial communications from the ATV66, ATV58 or Econflex or 58M to Siemens Building Controls, Landis - Gyr or Landis - Staefa P1, Apogee network?

Square D connects to an Apogee 600 System using ATV66 with NR&D A66P1 communications card.
Apogee uses P1 protocol. Another name associated with P1 protocol is FLN (Floor Level Network). Historically, FLN was the name used prior to P1.
There are two options availble for ATV58.
These part is not made by SquareD. SquareD distributors are able to buy direct from Panel-Tec. This device is a gateway from modbus to P1 protocols
Contact Panel Tec for more details. The phone number is (800) 869-2026.

The 1000-6A58K/P1 can be used if the P1 converter is using the keypad port. This version does NOT require an external power supply because it uses the supply normally reserved for the keypad.

The 1000-6A58O/P1 can be used with either the keypad port or the ModBus option card part # VW3A58303U. It does require an external 24Vdc supply.

If the customer is not sure which ModBus port he is going to use, recommend the 1000-6A58O/P1 and a power supply, so we cover both possibilities.

For the 8839 58M drives, the option number is E238.
As of March 2005, this modification does not show up in the ATV58 catalog or the ATV58M user manual. It is available in the on line product selector.

CTA-ID : 2008915
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