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Does Square D make an adaptor for installing the new Powerpact Q-Frame breakers in older EZM Branch devices that used the old QE type breakers?

Old Style design EZM metering

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EZM Metering

Tenant breakers

replacement tenant breaker

Square D does NOT make any type of adaptor for using the new Powerpact Q-frame breakers in the old EZM branch devices that used the QE type tenant breakers. 

NOTE: DEPENDING on the existing EZM catalog numbers, the customer could potentially use a transition section(see digest 176 page 2-15) for attaching the OLD EZM to NEW EZM and then obtain a complete new current design EZM Branch device with the current design tenant breakers. Since we cannot know in reference to the grade level(or floor) where the old EZM is mounted, it is recommended the customer obtain the drawings for the transition section and new EZM branch device(s), BEFORE obtaining any equipment to ensure the new EZM can be mounted appropriately with the OLD, in reference to the grade level(or floor). Also, to make sure they obtain the appropriate new EZM  that is APPROVED by the local Utility company.

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