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Homeline or QO AFI and are using the new wire with two lines, two neutrals and a ground. It may not reset properly.

The AFCI is operating correctly and in accordance with UL1699, which makes no provision for use of 2/2 conductor cable with the AFCI at the time this document was created. The fixed wiring is providing a voltage that is back feeding the AFCI and keeping the AFCIs electronics operating due to their extreme low power requirements. Unless the cable run lengths approaches distances in excess of 100ft., there should be no issue resetting the AFCI from the tripped position. However there are a number of factors that can both increase and decrease this distance, such as connecting the 2/2 cable in a different manner, like using the white and red conductors as the line conductors which reduces the distance to about 35ft. There are concepts to eliminate this back feeding issue that will be explored in future AFCI designs. Until then the solution is to open the circuit breaker protecting the other circuit sharing the 2/2 cable, or having a load present on the AFCI.

CTA-ID : 2025474
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