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How can you determine if 8536SGO_ is Series A or Series B?

Determining series of starter for selection of replacement parts

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NEMA Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Determining series of a NEMA size 5 starter

There are several ways to determine this:
(1) The open style device nameplate should have a series designation.
(2) Series A coils are marked 31096-400-__ where series B coils are marked 31096-320-__.
(4) Series A armature assembly is painted black and is stamped with number ``5`` where series B armature is painted gray and is stamped with the letter ``E``. Note do not mix and match Series A and Series B power plant components.

The armature for series A is black and is marked with a Id number ``5``. The armature for series B is grey and is marked with a Id letter ``E``

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