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What is the part number for an XB2 illuminated push-on / push-off operator?

The XB2 product line used the standard illuminated operators and the ZB2BZ21 push on push off mechanism to obtain this functionality. The push-on / push-off functionality is obtained by adding the ZB2BZ21 mechanism between the operator and the contact block on any illuminated or non-illuminated push button.
See page 331 in Push Buttons and Operator Interface Specifier`s Guide, document 9001CT0001

Additionally, there are devices not commercialized in the US where the push-on / push-off mechanism was included in the operator. These operators began with the part number ZB2BH, followed by a color code. The same functionality is obtained by ordering the operator separately and the ZB2BZ21 mechanism instead.

CTA-ID : 2025893
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