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How many Class 9065 Type SDO18 overload relay blocks were supplied with Series A Class 8536 or Class 8736 Type SG_ starters?

Product Line:
NEMA style Overload Relays

 The standard overload relay used on the Class 8536/8736 Type SG - Size 5 NEMA starters was the Class 9065 Type SDO18. Three of these melting alloy overload relay blocks were used on each starter. The three overload relay blocks were mounted on a sub-plate and then mounted to the starter baseplate. The N.C. contact on each overload relay are all wired in series with the coil to provide overload protection drop out of the contactor. Each overload relay block uses one DD style thermal units.

Note: This does not apply to Series A devices supplied with Form Y500.

CTA-ID : 2025097
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