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Are the tenant circuit breakers QE3100VH and QE3200VH used in the old style EZM meter branch devices the same physical size?

EZM Branch Units having Previous design features.

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EZ METER-PAK Metering Equipment

Tenant Circuit Breaker

Obsolete Tenant Circuit Breakers

No.  The QE3100VH 100A breaker is only about half as long as the QE3200VH 200A breaker. BOTH of these breakers are obsolete with no replacements.

As for the EZM 3-Phase Branch Units (Typical Catalog Number: EZM744200R), consider adding a Transition Section and a New Style EZM Branch Unit to the existing Meter Center. EZM3TRANL (mounts to the Left Side of the existing Meter Center) or EZM3TRANR (mounts to the Right Side of the existing Meter Center).  IF room is available for these additional enclosures, a New Style EZM Branch Unit can be connected to either of these Transition Sections that will accommodate new style Tenant Circuit Breakers.  Contact Square D Company Sales for assistance. 

IF the existing Meter Center includes EZM 3-Phase Branch Units having a typical Catalog Number like EZML334200 (200A Max) that made use of QE-VH Style obsolete Tenant Breakers, the above Transition Sections will not be needed because our current style Branch Units can connect directly to the horizontal cross bus as provided.  Typical Catalog Number of current production is like EZML334225 (now rated 225A Max.), that requires Bolt-On Style Type: QB, QD, QG or QJ Tenant Circuit Breakers. 

See FA124972 here for further explanation and drawings of the EZM transition sections.  
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