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How many contact blocks can be mounted on 9001K and 9001SK push buttons?

Standard momentary operators mount contacts 3 in tandem side by side for a total of six.
Maximum Contact Block Usage
(Includes Types K, SK and KX)
2 blocks mounted side by side only: Any 2, 3 or 4 position spring return selector switch (non-illuminated, illuminated or keyed).

2 blocks mounted in tandem on one side only: Any 2 operator interlocked push button.

2 blocks mounted in tandem (total of four blocks): Any selector push button, keyed push button, 2, 3, or 4 position maintained selector switch (non-illuminated, illuminated or keyed), push-pull operators (non-illuminated or illuminated), joy stick, dual push button.

3 blocks mounted in tandem (total of six blocks): Single momentary push buttons (non-illuminated or illuminated).

CTA-ID : 2024501
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