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What size wire can be used in an HOM breaker (15-125A; 1- and 2-pole), solid or stranded?

For HOM circuit breakers 15A through 125A, what range of wire size can be used, and can I use solid or copper wire?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

The following applies to HOM circuit breakers, 1- and 2-pole, 15A through 125A.
Does not apply to HOMT breakers.
Does not apply to HOM breakers with suffix GFI, AFI, CAFI, DF, EPD, or EPE.

There is a need to know the size and type of wire that can be used in the lugs of HOM circuit breakers.

HOM circuit breakers, 1- and 2-pole, are UL Listed and rated to accept the following wire sizes, solid or stranded (type B or C).
Note that some localities may restrict use of stranded wire, so we recommend checking with your local Electrical Inspector.

15A - 30A - Either of the following:
  • 1 wire per lug:  (1) #14 - #8 AWG Aluminum or Copper
  • 2 wires per lug: (2) #14 - #10 AWG Copper

35A - 70A
  • 1 wire per lug: (1) #8 - #2 AWG Aluminum or Copper

80A - 125A
  • 1 wire per lug: (1) #4 AWG - 2/0 kcmil Aluminum or Copper
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