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Are optional lugs available for a DJM circuit breaker used in an EZMK111400 branch device?

Optional lugs are available in a kit containing three lugs to change all three poles on one end of a three pole circuit breaker. There will be one lug leftover with this single phase device. Optional field installed lug kit, catalog number 32510, provides lugs for (2) #2/0 AWG - 350 kcmil copper or (2) #2/0 AWG - 500 kcmil aluminum conductors. The standard lug kit, catalog number 32508, provides lugs for (1) #2 AWG - 600 kcmil copper or (1) #2 AWG - 500 kcmil aluminum conductor.
NOTE: The optional lug referenced is for the DJM circuit breaker only. It is not an optional lug for the branch neutral bar.

CTA-ID : 2023358
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