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What is the suffix Y followed by a 3-digit number like Y123 on the Powerpact Q, M, P, R frame breakers?

Suffix YB is Special Instruction or Special Inspection. This suffix is no longer valid on new orders for breakers. Breakers with non standard options, instruction or inspection are ordered by description and then a Yxxx ( xxx = 001 to 999) suffix is assigned.

Character ``Y`` followed by a 3-digit number (e.g. Y123) is used to define ``customer special``. If the catalog number exceeds 25 characters, some features/ options will be combined into this Yxxx (in variable positions) so that the number of characters is 25 or less. Packing Characters such as RP and Z shall remain part of the catalog number and not be placed into the Yxxx variable positions.
PJL36080U64AE1AABCSA (20 char) + 18 in. wire harness for shunt trip = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY245 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYK (26 char) = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY271 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYK (26 char) + 18 in. wire harness for shunt trip = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY362 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYKRP (28 char) = PJL36080U64AE1AABCY457RP (24 char)

CTA-ID : 2023895
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