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What is suffix YB on the Powerpact breakers?

Need to identify the YB suffix on a Powerpact breaker

Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

This applies to all Powerpact breakers: H, J, L, M, P, R

Suffix YB only applies to Powerpact P frame that are electrically operated. YB is for Padlockable push button covers.
Breakers with non standard options, instruction or inspection are ordered by description and then a Yxxx ( xxx = 001 to 999) suffix is assigned.

Character ``Y`` followed by a 3-digit number (e.g. Y123) is used to define ``customer special``. If the catalog number exceeds 25 characters, some features/ options will be combined into this Yxxx (in variable positions) so that the number of characters is 25 or less. Packing Characters such as RP and Z shall remain part of the catalog number and not be placed into the Yxxx variable positions.
PJL36080U64AE1AABCSA (20 char) + 18 in. wire harness for shunt trip = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY245 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYK (26 char) = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY271 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYK (26 char) + 18 in. wire harness for shunt trip = PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAY362 (24 char)

PJL36080U64AE1AABCSAJKYDYKRP (28 char) = PJL36080U64AE1AABCY457RP (24 char)
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