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What is the replacement cover to go over the plug-in opening for standard, indoor (not IP54 rated, not "M feature") I-Line II plug-in busway?

Door for Bus plug port

Product Line:

I-Line and I-Line 2

Replacement Parts


The door cannot be purchased separately. The customer will have to purchase the entire Plug-In Base Assembly, which will come with a new hinged door. The P/N for the Plug-In Base Assembly is 45204-728-50.  Colors of the base and door are subject to some bases are red , some grey; some doors are black , some grey .      If the (2) attachment screws for the original plug-in base assembly cannot be reused, order qty (2) screws, P/N 21594-18200, to affix the new plug-in base assembly to the busway housing.



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