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What are the catalog numbers for the field-installable shunt trip accessories for Powerpact HD, HG, HJ, HL, and HR type circuit breakers?

Shunt trip for Powerpact H-frame Circuit breakers
Product Line:
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Applies to Powerpact H-frame Circuit Breakers
Accessory installation in the field
Volts AC Factory Installed Cat. Suffix Cat. Num.
24 SK S29384
48 SL S29385
110/130 SA S29386
208/277 SD S29387
380/480 SH S29388
525/600 SJ S29389

Volts DC Factory Installed Cat. Suffix Cat. Num.
12 SN S29382
24 SO S29390
30 SU S29391
48 SP S29392
60 SV S29383
125 SR S29393
250 SS S29394

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