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Does the addition of the VW3A58202U digital I-O extension card allow the standard ATV58 drive operate like a full Flux Vector drive?

The digital I-O card has inputs for encoder and tachometer. This greatly improves the low speed torque and speed regulation of the drive. However, the FVC drive offers greater performance.
With the VW3A58202U installed on the the standard ATV58 (ATV58H09M2 - ATV58HD46M2 and ATV58HU18N4 - ATV58HD79N4) the publishted result is 0.02% speed regulation with encoder feedback or 0.1% speed regulation with pulse tachometer.
Speed regulation with the FVC drive using an encoder is 0.01%.
Torque at low and zero speed is greater using the FVC drives compared to the standard drives with digital I-O card.

CTA-ID : 2021777
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