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What is the Bus material for the distribution in ALL the Square D Combination Service Entrance Devices(CSED), meter mains or All-In-Ones and do any have copper bus?

Product design features

Product Line:
Combination Service Entrance Devices

bus material


ALL the CSED that use a Homeline interior would have Tin-Plated Aluminum bus(See below).
ALL the CSED that would have Tin-Plated Copper bus, would ONLY be the devices that use a QO load center interior for the branch breakers(See below)
Even though a CSED has a QO interior, ONLY the bus portion where the branch breakers would plug onto would be copper, any other bus parts internal to the device would be Aluminum.
2) Square D/SE does not offer a complete Copper bus CSED unit.

Catalog numbers:
Homeline CSED Devices would be catalog numbers with Prefixes = SC, SU, RC, SO and RU - These would ALL be Tin-Plated Aluminum.
QO CSED Devices would be catalog numbers with Prefixes = C, QC, CU and QU - These would ALL be Tin - Plated Copper for the Branch Section ONLY.

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