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Is there a way to extend the shaft on 9422 Flange Mounted, Variable Depth Disconnect Switches and Flange Mounted, Variable Depth Circuit Breaker Operating Mechanisms to a deeper maximum dimension than is shown so that it will fit into a deeper enclosure? <br />

9422R2 is an ``optional``, 7 inch extra long, 3/8 inch threaded rod. It can be used with all flange mounted Class 9422 operating mechanisms (except the Class 9422 Types TG1, TG2 400A disconnect switch and all cable operators do not use threaded rods).

The R2 extends the standard mounting depth up to an additional 7 inches. It is typically used when the standard rod(s) supplied in the kits are not long enough (enclosure too deep for the standard rod(s).

One is required for all the following: 9422 ARC, RC, ARD, RD, ARN, RN, ARP, RP, ATC, TC, ATD, TD, 9422 ATCF, TCF, ATCN, TCN, ATDF, TDF, ATDN, TDN, ATEF, TEF, ATEN, TEN.

Two are required for the following: 9422 ARE, RE, ARF, RF, ARR, RR, ART, RT, ATF, TF, RX
(one rod is used to operate the device and the second is used as a stiffener rod).

CTA-ID : 2021906
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