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Video: What is the difference between a HOM2150/HOM2200 and the HOM2150BB/HOM2200BB?

Differentiating HOM2150/HOM2200 & HOM2150BB/HOM2200BB Circuit Breakers

Product Line:
Homeline Load centers 

Homeline Branch breakers and Main breakers 


The older designed catalog numbers HOM2150 and HOM2200 were used as main breakers in the old obsolete Series 1 and 2 Homeline main breaker load centers. These Main breakers are still used today in a few CSEDs (Combination Service Entrance Devices).

The HOM2150BB and HOM2200BB are designed ONLY to be used as branch breakers for use ONLY in the current Series S01 - S04, Homeline load centers rated 150amp Max or higher. 

NOTE: The HOM2150 and HOM2200 are NOT designed the same so they CANNOT be used as branch breakers and the current branch breakers, HOM2--BB, CANNOT be used as Mains in the old obsolete panels.

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