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What could cause INI and/or Err7 to show up on an ATS48 remote keypad display?

Err7 indicates that the keypad and control board are not communicating properly. INI indicates that the control board is reverting to factory settings or has invalid settings. These indications combined may indicate poor or low control voltage supply to the soft starter control board.
Check the control voltage to CL1 and CL2, should be reading between 90 to 270VAC. The ERR7 fault can occur if this voltage is low. If this is a 230VAC supply application make sure that the primary side of the control transformer supplying CL1 and CL2 is wired for the 230VAC supply and not a 460VAC supply.
Keep in mind that the supply voltage is likely to drop when the motor is started due to high starting currents.

CTA-ID : 2021397
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