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Video: Do the 2510 type F devices come with thermal units? If not, does the device require thermal units?

Does the 2510F FHP motor starters require thermal units. If so how are these installed?

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2510F NEMA starters-GIC products

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Thermal units are necessary for the operation of the 2510 type F fractional horsepower manual starters and are separately purchased based on motor FLA for proper protection.  Please see the attached video and instruction bulletin for proper installation and reset procedures.

The Class 2510 Type F manual starters are shipped without the thermal unit installed. Since the thermal unit is not installed, the starter will be in the TRIPPED mode and because of this, the main
power contacts will NOT close when the toggle handle is toggled. The two mounting screws required to secure the Type A thermal unit in place are supplied with the thermal unit.

The thermal unit should be installed as the picture in the attached indicates. Note that the "ratchet wheel retainer clip" can be positioned on either the left or right hand side - it makes no difference. The purpose of the ratchet wheel retainer clip is to prevent the ratchet wheel from sliding out of position when the solder around the stem of the ratchet wheel melts during an overload event. After the thermal unit has been installed or after an overload event, the starter must be manually reset. To do this, simply press down on the toggle lever towards the OFF position with force as
far as it will go. This action will move the reset lever to the RESET position behind the ratchet wheel which will hold it in this position by lodging into one of the teeth on the ratchet wheel.

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