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Why are the HOM breakers hollowed out?

This was in the E-News for December 3, 2004: December marks the beginning in a series of minor modifications to the line of Square D Homeline circuit breakers. The line of single-pole Homeline circuit breakers will now have a slightly modified appearance, reflecting some minor changes in our production processes. However, the form, fit and function remains the same, delivering the same cost-effective performance our customers have come to expect in Homeline circuit breakers. In addition, our testing indicates that there may be a slight reduction in heat rise with this redesign, which may offer advantages in areas of the Southeast and Western United States.
In early 2005 this modification will also be incorporated into two-pole Homeline circuit breakers. In addition, the Homeline circuit breakers will be upgraded to include a slot Robertson screw, enhancing ease of installation for many electrical contractors. Stay tuned for additional updates in 2005 as we continue to improve the versatile, cost-effective features of Square D Homeline circuit breakers.

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