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How does someone order a QO, 3Phase Main breaker load center(ex: QO330MQ200) with a lower amp (ex:175A) main breaker factory installed?

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QO three phase load centers

Main Breaker


To order a QO, 3ph, MB load center with a LOWER amperage main breaker factory installed, order the load center catalog number with a suffix of the amperage for the lower amp MB. For example: the QO330MQ200 with a 175amp MB, would be ordered as QO330MQ200175.

NOTE: The QO 3phase Main Breaker Load centers use the QDL type main breakers and these breakers ONLY range from 70amp up to 225amp, BUT the Main Breaker can ONLY be the maximum of the mains rating of the load center or lower, NEVER Higher.

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