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Has our metalclad switchgear been re-tested to the 2000 ANSI standards with a K factor of 1? In this case the 3000A breaker 750MVA 13.8kV 40kA.

Re-testing has not yet been done on our metalclad switchgear to confirm the 2000 ANSI ratings. Our metalclad switchgear should pass because the vacuum bottles we use meet these ratings. This breaker is a 3000A, 36kA [750MVA] 13.8kV [15kV] breaker. In the 3000A rating we only have one design which is a 49/50kA SCI breaker.
The requirement is 40kA with K=1.0, which is less than the max SCI even with the old K=1.3, so we meet the new requirements and can use the certified test reports from the 1000MVA rating. This reasoning is valid for the 3000A ratings only.

CTA-ID : 2021386
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