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Field Test for QO and HOM Arc-Fault Breakers (CAFI DF AFI)

Third party arc-fault testers do not often trip the breaker; what is the proper test method?

Product Line:
QO and HOM AFI CAFI DF breakers

There is only one recognized way to field test an AFCI and that is by using the test button on the AFCI itself.  Third-party "testers" such as Ideal and Greenlee products are UL listed as AFCI indicators (not testers).  AFCI indicators may not recognize all AFCI breakers, and should not be relied on to determine functionality of an AFCI circuit breaker.
The only UL approved method of testing an AFCI circuit breaker is to press the push-to-test button when installed in an energized load center or panel.  This test injects a signal into the AFCIs sensor that looks like an arc to the AFCI.  A properly functioning AFCI will trip when the test button is pushed with all downstream devices powered off.  

Paragraph 31.8.1  of the UL 1436 standard requires the AFCI Indicator instructions to effectively state that the test button on the AFCI circuit breaker demonstrates proper operation.  

See attached letter from UL
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