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What is a 1460 suffix?

1460 suffix is a 1A/1B auxiliary switch and a 120-240 Vac shunt trip, both internally mounted in the left pole, for PA, PH, PC, PE, and PX type (600 - 2500 ampere P-frame) breakers only.

This is one option for these P frame breakers. 1380 is also legitimate on thermal-mag versions of these P-frame breakers, for internal mounted 120 - 240 Vac shunt trip mounted in the left pole, and 1A1B auxiliary switch in the right pole. 1380 is not an option for PE and PX because internal mount accessories are not available in the right pole of PE/PX. NOTE: internally mounted accessories are not field replaceable.

Since there are also suffixes for factory installed - external mount electrical accessories on these P-frame breakers, another option for 1A/1B auxiliary switch and a 120-240Vac shunt trip for 600 - 2500 ampere P frame breakers only, factory installed - external mounted PA11021 + PA11212 would be suffix 1C80 .

CTA-ID : 2000236
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