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How does the LA6DK10* or LA6DK20* mechanical latch block operate?

How does the LA6DK*0* operate?

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 Tesys D line contactors and accessories

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 Identifying operation of an accessory
The mechanical latch block is equipped with a coil and is attached to the top of the D-Line contactor. Upon energization of the contactor control coil the mechanical latch block locks the contactor in. When unlatching the mechanical latch block is required then the attachment coil must be energized which in turn releases the contactor.

Note: For proper operation both coils cannot be energized at the same time. Additionally, the unlatch coil is not a continueous duty coil and will be destroyed if energized for long periods of time. Therefore, proper operation requires the use of either momentary control stations or most commonly wire the control coils through the contactor auxiliary contacts for voltage clearing purposes.

The mechanical latch block can be manually latched and unlatched as well.

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