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The consulting engineer had the following response for the panelboard submittals on this project where I included TVSS integral to the panel.<br />``All surge protective devices in all panelboards shall have a circuit breaker disconnect device``<br /><br />

The instructions for ordering the NQOD with a disconnect. This is not officially a product yet but don`t let that stop you.
Sell what the customer wants.
Please use the following technique to enter internal TVSS w/disconnect orders:
Enter the feeder breaker as a branch (in NQOD select a 3P 60A, in NF a 3P 20A)
In notepad enter an adder for the feature of 20% of the TVSS base list price
In instructions for engineering note the requirement for internal TVSS with disconnect and write ``see Doug Rogers``.

CTA-ID : 2021142
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