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How can the program settings and parameters be transferred from one drive to another with an Altivar 58 drive?

The drive must not have a run command while trying to save or recalling a file. Make sure the keypad is unlocked.
Go to Menu 7 (files menu). Select operate type (FOt). Enter. Use down arrow to scroll & Select Store File (Str). Enter. Select desired file number from 1 to 4. Enter. At this point the display will flash. When done saving the file the display will return to operate type (FOt). The file is saved.
Remove the keypad and move to the drive to be programmed. It must be the same HP and firmware revision level. Go to Menu 7 (files menu). Select Operation type (FOt). Enter. Select Recall File (rEC). Enter. Select desired file number from 1 to 4. Enter. The display will ask `Wiring OK?`. Check wiring to make sure there will not be an unsafe or unexpected operation of the drive. If OK then press ENT. Next the drive will display `Validate ENT/ESC`
Make sure it is OK to change the existing parameters to the one stored on the keypad. Press ENT. After the file has been copied to the drive the display will show Operate Type (FOt). The file has been copied.

Please refer to the keypad programming guide for additional details.

CTA-ID : 2000255
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