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What is the nCr (nominal motor current) adjustable range on the Altivar ATV58?

The nominal motor current parameter nCr in drive menu 3 is from 0.25 to 1.36 of the nominal current rating for the drive (In).
In = drive controller constant torque output current rating shown on the drive controller nameplate.
The actual adjustment range as shown on the display for the nCr parameter is in terms of amps. The actual amperage range depends on the rating of the drive being used. Also, the available range is often affected by other settings such as SFt (switching frequency type) and the rEF (drive reference, HP rating) setting.
See the manual Altivar? 58 TRX Adjustable Speed Drive Controllers Keypad Display VW3A58101, bulletin number VVDED397047US.

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