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Can the Altivar 31 be used for Constant Torque and Variable Torque loads?

Yes.  It can be used for CT & VT applications.
Selection of the voltage/frequency ratio, parameter UFt in the drC menu, determines the torque setup. The available settings are as follows:
    L: Constant torque (for motors connected in parallel or special motors)
    P: Variable torque (pump and fan applications)
    n: Sensorless flux vector control (for constant torque applications)
    nLd: Energy savings (for variable torque applications not requiring high dynamics. This behaves in a way similar to the P ratio at no-load and the
             n ratio with load.)
Modifying UFt will cause UFr to return to the factory setting of 20%.

Reviewed 6/2011

CTA-ID : 2019101
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