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What does the -2 suffix mean in the catalog number H361-2, H361-2RB, H361-2A, H361-2AWK, H461-2, H461-2DS, H461-2AWK, HU361-2, HU361-2RB, HU361-2A, HU361-2AWK?

Product Features

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Product Features

The -2 indicates that the 30 ampere switch is enclosed in a 60 ampere enclosure.
Use 30 ampere switch accessories; such as Class R Fuse Kits, Fuse Puller Kits and Copper Lug Kits.
Use 60 ampere enclosure accessories; such as Electrical Interlock Kits, Ground Lugs, Neutral Assemblies and Lock OFF Guard Kits.

CTA-ID : 2019636
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