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Do the LC1F contactors come with lugs as standard?

Product Line:
Tesys F line Contactors and Accessories
No, lugs must be ordered separately.
Please see the table below for selection: 
Contactor Type LC1 Lug Kit (contactor only)  Cable Size AWG range
3 pole (quantity 1 required) 2- and 4- pole (quantities 4 or 8 required respectively) 
F115 DZ2FF6 DZ2FF1 14 to 2/0
F150, F185 DZ2FG6 DZ2FG1 6 to 3/0
F225, F265, F330 DZ2FH6 DZ2FH1 6 to 300 MCM
F400 DZ2FJ6 DZ2FJ1 4 to 500 MCM
F500 DZ2FK6 DZ2FK1 2 x 2 to 600 MCM
F630, F800 DZ2FL6 DZ2FL* 3 x 2 to 600 MCM
F780 DZ2X6 DZ2FX1 4 x 1/0 to 750 MCM

* - 2 and 4 pole LC1F800 devices are not offered. For 2 pole LC1F6302 devices order two DZ2FL1 (L1 and T2) and two DZ2FL3 (L2 and T1).  For 4 pole devices LC1F6304 order two DZ2FL1 (L1 and T4), four DZ2FL2 (L2T2L3T3), and two DZ2FL3 (L4 and T1). 

We cannot use the next size up, or down, lugs for a contactor. Only use the appropriately listed lugs with the appropriately listed contactors. 
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