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Video: What are the differences between General Duty and Heavy Duty Safety Switches?

Product Design Features

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General Duty and Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Design differences

The differences between a General Duty(GD) and Heavy Duty(HD) safety switch are show below.
1) The Maximum voltage ratings =  the GD are only rated up to 240Vac Max and the HD are rated up to 600Vac and 600Vdc.
2) The Maximum Amperage ratings = the GD are only rated up to 800amps and the HD are rated up to 1200amps Max.
3) The types of Fuses = The GD switches only use Plug type, Class H, K, R, J and some a Class T and the HD switches use Class, H, K, R, J and L fuses.
NOTE: SEE CURRENT DIGEST or CAD Drawing or the Wiring diagrm of the switch for correct fuses.
Also, the HD Switches DO NOT accept Class T fuses and there are only a few of the GD that will use a Class T fuse. SEE THE CURRENT DIGEST OR CAD DRAWING OR WIRING DIAGRAM 

4) The Maximum short circuit current rating = the GD switches are ONLY rated up to 100k AIC MAX. based on the proper fuses used and the HD switches are rated up to  200k AIC based on the proper fuses used.
5) The NEMA Type enclosures = The GD are only available in types 1 and 3R and the HD are available in Types 1, 3R, 4, 4X(Stainless or Fiberglass), 5, 7, 9, 12 and 12K.
6) Operating Handle Color = The GD switches only have a Black color handle Knob and the HD switches have a Black and Red Color handle for increased notification of ON vs OFF from a distance.
7) The GD switches do NOT have a dual cover interlock, but Per the NEMA standards, the HD switches must be provided with a Dual Cover Interlock.
NOTE: the Dual Cover interlock functions to prevent the switch cover from being opened when the switch is ON and when the switch is OFF with the cover open, it prevents the switch from being turned ON.

8) The GD switches use Arc Shields on the Line Base assembly and the HD uses Arc Suppressors.
9) The GD switches are intended for some residential and light commercial applications and the HD are intended for commercial and industrial use.
10) The GD switches only have a few accessories and the HD switches have a wider variety of accessories available.
NOTE: for all the different accessories available with the HD switches, see the current digest pages

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