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What is the part number for the local operator kit for the ATV28 ?

The part number is VW3A28100 for the Local Operator Kit which has Run/Stop with Speed Potentiometer

This option must be connected with the drive controller powered down. Otherwise
the drive controller trips on an InF fault.

The reference given by the reference potentiometer is summed with analog input
AI1. Installing this option changes the factory setting of certain functions (see user`s manual for further detail).

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installing this option, it is not possible to restore the original keypad
display faceplate to the drive controller.
This option is not compatible with the remote keypad display (VW3A28101).
After installing this option, the logic inputs will not run the drive controller and the
analog inputs will not control the speed reference. The logic inputs assigned to the
stop functions (FST, NST, DCI) will continue to function.

*As alternate solution if want speed potentiometer and still desire use of Logic inputs may want to use speed pot part number ATVPOT25K.

CTA-ID : 2009131
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