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What would cause the ATV58 , EconoFlex drive to not follow the 0-10 volt signal?

The drive must have MOD J09. This includes a signal converter circuit that connects to the control terminals of the drive power converter control board.
Verify that the instruction sheet 30072-450-45 is followed concerning the termination of the signal wires. The positive should go to AI2A and, the negative should go to AI2B.
With the Econoflex drive, the positive should go to S2+, and the negative shoud be landed on S2- not the Common S3 terminal. There should not be a jumper from S2+ to S2-.
Also, make sure that the settings in the I-O menu match the wiring of the controls. The 30072-450-10G Econoflex Instruction Bulletin has the suggested configurations on pages 86 to 90.

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