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Video: What is the difference between the Lever type and Horn type bypass on a Ringless style meter socket?

Differentiating Horn and Lever Type Utility Meter Bypass Devices

Product Line
MP Meter Pak, EZM Metering and Combination Service Entrance Devices and Individual meter sockets

Meter socket bypass


Lever bypass:
The Lever bypass is incorporated into the design of the meter socket and includes a lever arm with 'blades' on the meter socket to bridge(or connect) between the line and load side meter jaws of the socket and includes a jaw release for easy removal of the watt-hour meter. To engage the Lever Bypass, one would first remove the Ringless meter cover, firmly grasp the lever and rotate it upward, which releases the jaws and makes the connection between the line and load side of the meter socket and bypasses the watt-hour meter.

Horn Bypass:
Horn bypass' are pieces of bussing that are connected to both the LINE and LOAD side meter socket jaws and is used ONLY in conjunction with utility supplied 'jumper' cables. To use the Horn Bypass, one would first remove the Ringless meter cover, then connect the utility supplied 'jumper' cables(one phase at a time), between the Line and Load side of each phase of the meter socket. Therefore, bypassing the Watt-Hour Meter.

1) Both bypass types are ONLY for temporary use and NOT for continuous use and ONLY by the Utility Company.
2) Both bypass approaches can be accomplished by leaving the meter in position.

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