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What are the part numbers for the replacement contact block assemplies and terminal block wiring receptacles for the 9001BF control stations?

Control Station Contact Block Assemblies Wiring Receptacle
BF101 - BF107 9001BOC107 9001BFB107
BF111 - BF114 9001BOC114 9001BFB114
BF121 - BF123 9001BOC123 9001BFB123
BF201 - BF214 9001BOC214 9001BFB214
BF215 - BF218 9001BOC218 9001BFB214
BF221 - BF224 9001BOC224 9001BFB224
BF225 - BF226 9001BOC226 9001BFB226
BF301 - BF307 9001BOC214 9001BFB214
& 9001BOC107 & 9001BFB107
BF308 - BF309 9001BOC214 9001BFB214
& 9001BOC123 & 9001BFB123
BF310 - BF313 9001BOC218 9001BFB214
& 9001BOC123 & 9001BFB123
BF314 - BF315 9001BOC214 9001BFB214
& 9001BOC114 & 9001BFB114

CTA-ID : 2017843
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