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How can the ATV31 be set up for PI so that it will use the internal reference rPI for speed control?

Before the drive can be set up to operate in any PI function, there must not be any incompatible functions assigned such as summing inputs (SAI) or preset speeds (PSS).  These are activated as a factory default.  Refer to Function compatibility chart of the ATV31 Programming manual (VVDED303042) for additional details.
In the FUn menu, go to the PI sub-menu.  Assign parameter PIF to the desired AI (analog input).  Set parameter PII to YES.  Then access parameter rPI and set to the desired reference as a percentage of the feedback signal full range.  Use the up and down arrow keys and press the ENT key and hold until the display flashes to save the desired setpoint. This value will remain even if power to the drive is interrupted.

Reviewed 6/2011

CTA-ID : 2018010
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