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Can the Altivar 31 be up to use the up and down arrow keys to control the speed of the drive and not have to be in a particular parameter such as LFr in order for it to operate?

To set up the unit up for + speed / - speed via the up and down arrow keys you can set up the FR2 code under CtL parameter for UPdH. This can be set when the access level LAC is set for Level 2 or 3.
Once this is set then go to next code in CtL and set rFC for Fr2 so unit is looking at Fr2 +/- speed for the reference.
To actually change the speed of the unit you have to be in the SUP display parameter in the rFr code.
If power is cycled to the unit the speed goes back to 0 and then you have to go back into the display menu SUP, then to rFr, then enter to get the value and increase it again as desire.

CTA-ID : 2017979
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