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Do the Altivar 31 drive controllers have Ground Fault Protection?

Yes. In the ATV31 there is a ZCT (Zero sequence Current Transformer) around the input phases after the filter. This goes into connector CN6. If there is an unbalance in the currents due to a ground fault, this circuit detects it and shuts down the drive with a Ground Fault message.

The ground fault CT can detect ground faults on the load side even though it is placed on the front end because all of the current that goes out to the motor has to come back and go through the rectifiers and back to the line. If there`s a ground fault on the load side, it will imbalance the incoming current as well. The ZCT is on the line side because it is quieter there on the primary side where the rectifiers are as opposed to the PWM side so it is easier to measure ground fault currents there.

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