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Can a single pole QO breaker be connected to the B phase of a three phase QO load center?

Single pole Branch breaker use

Product Line:
QO Load centers and branch breakers


It will depend on the voltage system the load center is being applied on. On a 208Y/120Vac, 3Ph/4W system, you can connect a 120V single pole QO breaker to any phase. On a 240Vac Delta, 3Ph/4W system (aka: high leg, red leg or stinger leg), you could NOT use the single pole breaker on the high voltage phase (it would provide 208V to ground), but you could use a single pole breaker on the two phases providing 120V to ground. On a 240Vac Delta, 3Ph/3W system, you could NOT use the single pole breaker on any phase.

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